Posporcora saddle: first contact

The best bench of Cortina d’Ampezzo waits for us on the top of the ascent. We travel along a panoramic century years old road to Posporcora Saddle, where in 1915 there has been the first skirmish between the armies.

posporcora saddleIn the late spring of Cortina, crossing Posporcora saddle is the first MTB tour (nice tour) free of snow.

Let’s start with the bad news: some sections of the descent are not easy, but we can learn together how to face it. Good news: only 30 meters of ascent are really hard.

Substantially we go up, we cross the side of a mountain, we go down. The mountain above us can not be reached by bicycle, but we can go together on foot. There is a page about our offer to hike to Ra Zesta and Tonde de Cianderou.

At the end of the ascent there is our favourite bench, a strategic location above lakes, woods, and the town of Cortina d’Ampezzo; above all, it’s placed at the end of the main efforts, therefore the bench is perfect to relax. Moreover there is a table! Many time we had a snack in the larch shade.

On the saddle before the descent, near Posporcora saddle, in 1915 there were the first skirmish between the armies; during the war the location was heavily fortified by the italian army. Nowaday we can read the location of the trenches next to the front line, behind the front there are a lot of bunkhouses, cave placements, and the officials small house adorned with Art Nouveau friezes. How were the austro-hungarian placements? Another MTB tour permits to find it out, passing through Gotres and Lerosa saddle.

During the World War One, in the Dolomites there where the front lines, for three years the imperial troops defended from the assault of the royal troops. Now the trenches are inside a natural park, both nations are republics and members of EU, never forget the lessons of history.

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WHEN – Spring, Summer, Autumn. When snow is not a problem.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site for geology and landscape – system 5
  • Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites
  • WW1
  • Indro Montanelli

LEVELOO Moderate

HOW – Check the mountain equipment page.

NOTE – It’s possible to eliminate half ascent using a cable-car, therefore the descent is longer 😉