Mountain Leaders, mountain professionals

Why go with a guide?

mountain professionalsIf you decide to share your outdoor experiences with mountain professionals, you are not simply choosing professionalism and competence but also vast personal expertise and in-depth local knowledge.

This gives you the chance to take part in fun activities and visit wonderful places and let us look after the rest. All you have to do is live the experience to the full and have fun!

Who are mountain professional?

In Italy the only two professional figures allowed to act as guides in the mountains are Alpine Guides and Mountain Leaders, pursuant to law 6/1989.

Mountain Leaders (a summary title for: hiking guides + trekking guide + mtb guide and more) are trained to take people into the mountains with no altitude constraints, where no mountain climbing is involved and no equipment is needed. They have trekking skills and know about flora and fauna, history and culture and environmental education, taking people to explore mountain attractions and specific features.

Alpine Guides look after all mountain activities, trekking and, above all, activities requiring mountaineering equipment (climbing, ferratas, ski mountaineering, ice, mountaineering, canyoning, etc.).

These two are members of a professional register, guarantee their work with professional third party insurance and do periodic refresher and specialisation courses in a range of subjects. In addition to trekking, Mountain Leaders take people mountain biking, trail running and Nordic walking and supplement activities with environmental education titbits.

UIMLAMountain Leaders are a guarantee of professionalism because training and exams are in line with the international standards required by UIMLA (Union of International Mountain Leader Association). Once the summer and winter training and exams have been completed, since 2019 we have the qualification of International Mountain Leader (IML), therefore we can practice the profession in many countries.
Currently 19 countries have signed up to UIMLA, both European and South American; other 10 nation, from the same continents plus Asia and North America, are making the journey to become full members.

To find out more about these two professions contact Collegio Regionale delle Guide Alpine del Veneto, where you will also find our info sheets (Chiara and Claudio) on its register.

We put ourselves into DolomitiX

Mountain professionals - Logo AMMWe are Chiara and Claudio. We live in Cortina d’Ampezzo in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and we have not learnt what we know simply from books but also by listening to those who live according to seasonal rhythms and study nature and history. Oral traditions are valuable to us and we pass on this knowledge: getting to know and living the mountains is not simply a physical experience but also a cultural one.

Ours is a quality service and our proposals thus include excursions, trekking and mountain biking, the three activities we love most and with which we manage to transmit passion.

If you like our style and are interested in an outdoor mountain activities you can’t find in our programme, contact us anyway: we have plenty of friends, each of them specialised in a different aspect of mountain guiding. We’ll recommend you the best mountain professionals.