Como lake and its mountains in 7 days

17 Oct 2019, Posted by Chiara Saldarini in Hiking

Como lake and its mountains in numbers:

  • 4 peaks
  • 5’880 meters of elevation gain (19’290 ft)
  • 68 km hiked (42 miles)
  • 7 days trekking

These are the numbers of the week spent with the friends of “CAI Cortina” walking in the Lario Mountains, that is, along the shores of Lake Como. I am not happy to start describing this itinerary starting from the numbers: of course, for a hiker they are important, but I find that, especially in this case, they are not enough!

Rather, I would have the images speak for themselves, describing in a simple but exhaustive way the beauty and variety of this territory. For those of us who have been there are a vivid reminder of the emotions experienced, for those who see them for the first time I hope they are a spark of curiosity and interest for these places.

Not because I was born there or because I took my first steps on these mountains, but I believe that the mountains of Lake Como, its villages and the people who live there are a wonderful cross-section of Italy, where you can breathe history, traditions, pride and genuineness.

Along the shores of the lake echo Celtic, Roman, Longobard memories; along its streets we trace the routes of the ancient trades between the south and the north of Europe; even in the smallest village Church you can admire the wise art of stonemasons and the “Magistri Comacini”; along the stone mule mounds you breathe the sweat of those who worked on those mountains; in its villas you can admire the glitzy European Belle Epoque. In short, a continuous alternation of nature and history.

And then there’s the Lake over there, to make the view always unique and special.
Every day different: cobalt blue with the sun, lead gray if the sky is overcast, menacing with the “Breva”, reassuring when the boats ply it slow.

A special trek because, walking the lake from the shore of Como to that of Lecco, we were able to orient ourselves by admiring the itineraries of the whole week from day to day! I think this is an exceptional condition for those who trek in the mountains: from day one we saw the peaks that we would reach, until the last day from the “Grigna” we had them all around us.

In 7 days we were able to get acquainted with the names of the villages and with the silhouettes of the mountains. Even the “Legnone”, which from the first day appeared to us in all its majesty and severity, on the last day from the “Grigna” appeared docile and graceful illuminated by the first lights of the day!

Finally, as a “young” guide as I am, I can’t help but mention the group of people who were with me. Mountain people, yes, of course, almost all belonging to the “Cai Cortina”, but above all passionate, curious, tenacious, attentive and close-knit. I couldn’t have wanted better travel companions! So, a large granmarzè a dute and …. until next time!!

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