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A brushstroke of blue, like the sky in which we rock to dream.

A brushstroke of brown, like the mountains and the rocks where the paths run.

A brushstroke of green, like the meadows and the woods that surround the Dolomites.

We are Chiara and Claudio, two friends united by the passion for the mountain and the choice to make the outdoor activities in the mountains a profession. We live in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Queen of the Dolomites, and since ever we run around the mountains.
Over the years we have walked different paths to the point where our lifes have crossed. It was then that we decided this project to carry on together: to let as many people as possible fall in love with the mountains and the Dolomites! chiara and claudio

DOLOMITIX was then born: can you read it with two “C” inverted, instead of with the X?!

DOLOMITI Chiara and Claudio’s way: we live in the Dolomites, we know them and we want to let you discover them.
DOLOMITIC: made of Dolomia, like the rock that has created the amazing landscape we walk through.
DOLOMIT(H)IC: in the Dolomites myths and legends are everywhere.
DOLOMITIX: IX (9 in roman numerals) are the components of The Dolomites World Heritage Site. A series of highly distinctive mountain landscapes of exceptional natural beauty, that are protected and strictly supervised.

chiara saldarini


I was born and raised in Como, a city surrounded by an exuberant and magnificent nature, where as a child every free moment was an opportunity to climb trees, to build bows, to do a bomb dive in the icy lake.
I am sure though that if I had not been born there my life, my passion for nature, my choices would have been the same. In fact it is in my family that I have learned to look at the world with eyes always full of amazement, respect, curiosity and love.

And when you learn to look at nature in this way, the sign remains indelible, wherever you are!
The sports that I practised as a young woman have always been strongly linked to nature: rowing on a competitive level, windsurfing and sailing on the drift made me fall in love with “my” lake; skiing, telemark and climbing have brought me closer to the mountain world.

I have a degree in literature, I worked as a salesman for fashion products abroad, while my parallel life was made of mountain trips, tent nights, climbing, ski mountaineering, mountain biking, globetrotter friends.

At the age of 28 years the choice of leaving the city and living in the mountains has matured. I left in search of sensations and dreams, with my red mountain bike and more backpacks than handbags and today my life is in Cortina d’Ampezzo, complete in all directions!

My husband is a mountain guide, I have two very enterprising children who are much more “mountaineer” than I am and an ideal hiking companion, my dog Pepe, for whom the itinerary I decide is always a good one!

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Claudio Vecellio


Born and raised in Cortina, in the middle of the Dolomites, a once-in-lifetime location for mountaineers and hikers; since I have memories, I walked with my family to discover the distinctive traits of the area, I learned from my parents to be curious.

I take a master degree in Engineering for environment and territory, I learned the bases of interactions between nature and humanity, in particular about geology and hydraulic. For years my employments tried to keep me far from the mountains, but, during a 100 km long ride in MTB on the hills of Slovenian Karst I understand I had to earn the possibility to live, work and to contribute to the people of highlands: finally I obtained it.

In summer my free time is dedicated to hiking and mountain bike, in winter ski-touring gives me the possibility to explore the mountains in a different guise.

Sometimes my friends and I do similar but different activities: trekking, cycle touring, and snowshoeing for gentle slopes, rock and ice climbing on vertical walls. The goal is to confront ourselves with big mountains, to climb over 4’000 m mountains I have to use all my slight mountaineering skills learned in years of mountain life.

What else? My father (and my uncle) are co-authors of books about WW1 itineraries, obviously, in the Dolomites.
I manage a very small blog, but now I am a professional Mountain Leader, therefore the blog has rarely some news, mainly about MTB, ski-mountaineering and hiking.
chiara e claudio

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