Rufiedo, Gotres and Lerosa saddle

Along the old railway we look at two lakes, where does the water come from?
Rufiedo springs, a mystic environment where water erupt from mossy rocks. Lerosa saddle, wide alpine pastures surrounded by mighty stone pines, and then a deserved relax in a mountain hut. At the end of the trip visit to Castle of Podestagno, ruins of an important road of communication between Venice and Monaco.

lerosa saddleWe warm up on an old railway, near the ancient church of San Nicola we can have a coffee time stop. Along the way we see two shallow lakes, it’s the signal to leave the comforts of the cycleway and our street start to climb up.

It’s a door of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites, it’s possible to cross different habitats in this area rich of biodiversity.

A short stop near incredible karst springs, a stream of water erupts in the middle of nothing, after the snowmelt or rainy periods, it’s possible to feel the energy of the water.
A short section of the road is a challenge also for athletes, the increase of the slope and the coarse gravel constrain to walk and to push the bike for some meters.

On the large grassy pastures of Lerosa saddle there are some remains of the war, there were the reserve line of the Austro-hungarian troops; the most evident and better preserved relics are a cemetery and the road we use to descent. More than one hundred years ago, hundreds of soldiers walked, sleeped and lived on the alpine pasture, now there are grazing and ruminating cows.
How were the italian placements? Another MTB tour permits to find it out, passing through Posporcora saddle.

A lot of stone pines adorn the saddle, the smell of the pines will be with us to Malga Ra Stua, where it is possible to restore with well cured dishes.
A paved road to the carpark, but don’t forget to ask for a visit at Sant’Ubertus villa and at the ruins of Podestagno castle, with a small effort you have big benefit.

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WHEN – Spring, Summer, Autumn. When snow is not a problem.

    • UNESCO World Heritage Site for geology and landscape – system 5



LEVELOO Moderate

HOW – Check the mountain equipment page.

NOTE – It’s possible to start from the centre of Cortina by bus.