Tree life

29 Mar 2019, Posted by Chiara Saldarini in Flora, Nature

Tree life shouldn’t be bad at all, of course being born in a nice place helps. Being a tree born in the Dolomites involves a certain amount of responsibility (just think of the expectations that people who visit these places have), but at the same time...

Time for the budget of 2018

31 Dec 2018, Posted by Dolomitix in Various

It's time for the budget of 2018 - some numbers at the end of the year Take notes of what has happened sometimes is difficult, but it is time for the budget of 2018, and for us it's really nice to take a look at the...

Leading and Learning

01 Dec 2018, Posted by Dolomitix in Hiking

“Leading and Learning” or “Leading is Learning”? Our job many times requires to work as high altitude "Ciceroni", working with people every time different, who comes from many different nations permits to lead and learn. That's right: it's the contact with people that makes this job a...

Alta Via N.1 of the Dolomites

20 Nov 2018, Posted by Claudio Vecellio in Hiking

Alta Via 1 n.1 of the Dolomites, the same trekking after twenty years. In 1998, with two friends we embarked on the adventure of crossing the southern Alps along the Alta Via n.1 of the Dolomites; after twenty years I returned to walk on the same...

Welcome on Dolomitix

01 Jun 2018, Posted by Dolomitix in Various

Welcome on Dolomitix! PASSION, MOUNTAINS, EXCURSIONS, FUN welcome on dolomitix Welcome on Dolomitix! We are Chiara e Claudio and we are happy to introduce our new website ...