Leading and Learning

01 Dec 2018, Posted by Dolomitix in Hiking

“Leading and Learning” or “Leading is Learning”?

Our job many times requires to work as high altitude “Ciceroni”, working with people every time different, who comes from many different nations permits to lead and learn.

That’s right: it’s the contact with people that makes this job a special Profession and that it transform every day into an opportunity to learn something new.

We have learned that:

  • Hong Kong girls love colors and can fly
Saltare sulla cima

Colourful flying girls

Like a butterfly

Like a butterfly

  • According to Sahar, the pasta with meat sauce cooked by Silvia at the Biella mountain hut is the best in the world. And the way she ate it, confirmed what was said.
  • It’s possible to have a close contact with the life of 200 millions years ago
Orme di dinosauro

See geology at first-hand

  • Not even death can deny the pleasure of traveling with friends to reach and remain forever in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Ceneri a Stores

Saying goodbye to a friend on a journey

  • In the Dolomites, as well as in the Australian outback, to communicate at a distance you just have to shout coeee.
  • The smile you have when walking can be bigger than the backpack.
Big backpack, bigger smile

2018-A smile bigger then the backpack

  • Respect for the environment is rising, the Koreas trekkers have even proudly showed flag about it; they were headed by Mr. Han, a mountaineer who, besides being really strong (he summited all the 14 eight-thousand), organized different expeditions to clean the Himalaya and Karakorum mountains from waste.
Clean mountain - Korea

Clean the mountains, teachings from far east

  • According to the Australians, the wombat populate the Dolomites too. They probably do not know marmots.
  • Dolomites are a heaven’s door
Knokin' on heaven's door

Knokin’ on heaven’s door

  • Whether they are angular or arched, at the end of the day wooden “armchairs” are everytime comfortable.
Sedie legno

Angular or arched chair?

  • Blue sky, green grass, white snow and MTB are a winning combination
MTB neve

Blue sky, green grass, white snow + MTB

  • It is more challenging to accompany people from our village than people from other nations
CRA - iniziativa soci

Only for the members of Cassa Rurale ed Artigiana di Cortina d’Ampezzo e delle Dolomiti. Learing the history of our territory.

  • Over two thousand years of Persian wisdom: “happy wife, happy life”
  • Different aspect of the long Italian peninsula (Calabria, Lazio, Lombardia, Friuli, Veneto) connected by the same passion: the mountains
Italiani in montagna

Same passion from north to south Italy

  • You can attend high finance lessons even if the weather is gloomy

High finance lesson in high altitude

  • A stone in the middle of a pasture is an invitation to climb it.
Sasso a Mondeval

Everyone on the stone of Mondeval!

  • If you look at life like a cartoon, you will live happily

Laughing together with the cartoonists

  • After a week of work, some snuggles are deserved

Massaggio in rifugio

Thank you everybody for what you have taught us.