Among dinosaur footprints and Mesolithic hunter of Mondeval burial

Classic hike in one of the most fascinating highlands of Cortina d’Ampezzo: the Mondeval plateau visiting the Mondeval burial.
Already this would be enough reason to choose this itinerary, if then you will go in search of dinosaur footprints and you will visit the seat of an ancient Mesolithic burial, the whole thing gets even more interesting!

Tour description
mondeval burialDeparture from Passo Giau, where our gaze will already be satisfied by the spectacle offered by the Lastoi de formin before us, from the Tofane beyond the valley, from the Gusela to our shoulders and in the distance from the Marmolada to the southwest.

From this vantage point we will have in front of our eyes coral reefs, lagoons, eruptions of different geological eras: a succession of events that has led to the beauty and the particularity of the landscape that we can enjoy today. We will watch and explore together, trying to catch the differences between the different rock formations. First clue: The color of the rocks!

To think then that the traces of the passage of dinosaurs lived 230 million years ago are still visible today and etched in these rocks, makes Mondeval plateau and the Mondeval burian even more fascinating. We will look for them together and touch them with your hand will be an emotion that will bring us back in time!

The Mondeval plateau is also famous for the finding of an important Mesolithic burial, that is to say dating back to about 7,000 years ago and that is usually known as Mondeval burian. Here in fact the man used to settle in the summer to hunt especially deer. A large solitary boulder for all these years hosted at its base the body of a man and his funeral kit tells us his story. At present, the exhibits are kept at the Museum Vittorino Cazzetta in Selva di Cadore, where it is possible to understand the customs and the habits of the Neolithic in the Dolomites.bring us back in time!

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WHEN – Summer, Autumn. Every time there is no snow is a good day.


  • UNESCO World Heritage Site for geology and landscape – system 1
  • archaeological importance
  • geology

LEVELOO Moderate

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    • Possibility of shortening avoiding the top
    • Possibility of lengthening hiking around the Croda da Lago