Welcome on Dolomitix

01 Jun 2018, Posted by Dolomitix in Various

Welcome on Dolomitix!

welcome on dolomitix

Welcome on Dolomitix! We are Chiara e Claudio and we are happy to introduce our new website … at last! Building it required us a lot of effort: scrutinize more than 30,000 photographs, write many pages to find out that the SEO would have penalized them, rewrite them over and over again and try to understand what the SEO really is!

welcome on dolomitixWell, now the website is ready and we can tell that we are just as ready to leave our uncomfortable desks and begin to wander on the mountains again: oh yess!

Common denominator: passion for the mountains
Purpose: to enthuse others
Desire: make it real!

On the site you will find all kinds of information on the activities that we offer: classic and new excursions, routes suitable for everyone from beginners to experts, children and adults. For all mountain lovers, of hiking and outdoor activities:

  • on thehome page the way we see the mountain and how we offer it (try clicking the button to find out the hidden text of “Mountain for everyone”).
  • In the Excursions, Trekking, MTB pages some suggested routes, adventures and fun. Visit often the pages because we will publish other proposals very soon.
  • Why come to the mountains with us? We live in a mountain territory, we are professionals of the Italian Mountain Guide Association and we know how to make you thrill with primary emphasis on safety. Read something else at this link.
  • We live in the Dolomites, young mountains to the Earth’s history, ancient if their history is measured by men. Men that have always walked, explored and lived in the mountains. To find out more, get curious clicking here.
  • There are not only Dolomites in our minds: we wander, walk and ride all the mountains of Italy and of the world. If you feel like having some other news, you’ll find them here.
  • How to contact us? Find our references and the form to send an email directly to this page.