Time for the budget of 2018

31 Dec 2018, Posted by Dolomitix in Profession
BIlanci di fine 2018

It’s time for the budget of 2018 – some numbers at the end of the year

Take notes of what has happened sometimes is difficult, but it is time for the budget of 2018, and for us it’s really nice to take a look at the path we have traveled.

Analysis at the end of 2018

Moments of life of Mountain Leaders freezed in a collage.

  • guided almost 400 people on the paths of the Dolomites
  • from 13 different nations (14 considering the Ladins!)
  • from 4 different continents
  • almost 90 days walking or cycling,
  • for a lot of kilometers (we did not count them),
  • tons of meters of vertical drop up and down (we have not even measured those),
  • we spent more or less 30 nights in the rifugios
  • 3 falls from the bicycles (one with a somersault)
  • made a present of 1 bandana and 1 plush squirrel
  • read (other) 5 books to tell more and better
  • achieved 1 international qualification: UIMLA
  • taken 600 photographs, of which less than 30 are nice
  • korean words learnt: 0

Together with the analysis of the past, there are also plans for the future: a bit of backcountry skiing, a bit wandering with snowshoes, and why not, some days of deserved HOLIDAYS.

Good end for 2018 and a good start for the 2019

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